A Longhorn
Advanced Paramedic Practitioner 

How do Paramedics fit into General Practice?

Many of us would associate the word Paramedic with emergencies, people being treated at the scene of an accident or rushed to hospital to a background of ambulance sirens and flashing lights.

So, it may initially seem a little odd if your GP practice arranges an appointment with or visit from a Paramedic.

But the reality is that General Practice teams increasingly included highly skilled roles like Advanced Paramedic Practitioners and Advanced Nurse Practitioners to ensure all patients have equal access to core primary care services.

Not just emergencies

Traditionally, Paramedics have been most associated with emergency care, but their skills are equally transferable to GP patients with acute needs.

Paramedic training allows them to quickly but thoroughly assess the situation they are presented with. Combined with their clinical judgement, Paramedics can make decisions about the most critical immediate actions that need to be taken.

When visiting housebound patients who have reported a specific health concern, Paramedics can take stock of the person’s whole situation. Not just the symptoms they’ve reported but any other underlying physical or mental health issues, as well as their surroundings and safety at home.